I was born March 24th 1991, aries, but I don ́t trust astrology anymore. Cinema is what I truly believe. Cinema it ́s cause and solution for every trouble I have. Cinema to me it ́s like morfine to Bela Lugosi, like Richard Burton to Liz Taylor, like red lights to Dario Argento, like big boobs to Russ Meyer, like Lynch and the dwarfs, like Godard to the Nouvelle Vague, like Rose McGowan to the 90 ́s ; indispensable and complementary.

When I was 10 years old I started to write, at 12 I started to work as an actor on tv, cinema and theatre but it wasn ́t until I was 17 when I was able to direct my very first short film with my own money: “Anxiety”. When the shooting was over I realised something both scary and fascinating: MY ONLY CONCERN IN THIS LIFE WAS WRITING AND DIRECTING, everything else was fake, EVERYTHING.

After “Anxiety” I filmed “Smoking I’́m awaits”, “Mother ́s Love”, “Bath time”, “Eat my shit”, “Fidel”… and each time I became more insatiable, I just wanted to shoot and I invested on directing my own projects almost every euro that I earned as an actor.
Then I started to film commercials, music videos, and all kind of staff that anyone could offer to me, I always belive that I wasn ́t able to work in any projects that hadn ́t been written for me, but suddenly I found myself in the opposite spot. I was fascinating for the production, on be able to convert commercials ideas into images or someone else messages. Between shooting as an actor and shooting as a director, I ran away to Cuba, where I attended to a script course at the International Cinema and Television School (E.I.C.T.V.) and then, when I came back to Spain I keep attending to Pedro ́s Loeb Cinema Facotry for writers.

Besides the script, the part that interest me the most is esthetics, the power of esthetics. Esthetics is a giant to watch out, but if you learn how to handle him, it will be a wonderful tool to work with. The use of esthetics is like bake a cake: the cake has to be beauty, beacuse cakes supposed to be beauty, but the important thing is that the taste don ́t let you down. You have to be in the mood to eat the cake, and when you do, you have to feel like you ́re in heaven. You have to measure ingredients right, and make a good mix between script and direction. I keep pushing myself to mix everthing up: melodrama and gore, Billy Wilder and Cronerberg basics, pink teddy bears and deform people, camera-hand in a set full of bubble gum puke, women with Water ́s hair style with motherhood issues, bad taste, beautyness, uglyness, realism, monochrome,. Mix. Mix with just one gold: Find new things, new tastes, NEW IMAGES.