Eduardo Casanova got behind the cameras for the first time at the age of 17, to shoot his first short film ANXIETY. He kept on shooting short films that had an extensive journey along national and international festivals until achieveing a succesfull career as a short filmmaker. Titles such as “BATH TIME”, “MOTHER’S LOVE”, “YOU WILL NEVER KICK ME OUT FROM YOU”, “FIDEL” or “EAT MY SHIT” for which he won  “VISUAL Talent AWARD” or “BEST SHORT FILM”  at the SXSW Austin Festival, ending up with “SKINS”, his first feature film sponsored  by Alex de Iglesia, produced by Pookepsie Films and N.E.P., which had its premiere at LA BERLINALE, and later on premiered on NETFLIX worldwide.
SKINS also had a commercial distribution in cinemas in Spain with a great response from the audience. After taking part of the SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL, it was awarded with the MELIÉS DÁRGENT for “BEST EUROPEAN FILM”, for “BEST SCRIPT” at the LATIN BEAT FILM FESTIVAL OF TOKYO, with the “YOUNG JURY AWARD” at the film Festival of Málaga and has three nominations to the Goya “BEST EMERGING ACTOR” “BEST EMERGING ACTRESS” “BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING”.
In addition, Eduardo combines his career as an author with his work as an advertising director. He has worked with brands such as ING, VOGUE, MARCA … always keeping a very personal and unmistakable visual style.